About Thak Thak

ThakThak is a sound of knocking the door where you find the solutions online for your personal, family, home and office needs. ThakThak creates a mutually beneficial connection between service providers and the users looking to get an instant solution to their immediate needs.

ThakThak connects skilled and certified professionals from various fields such as plumbing, roofing, electrician, immigration, driving, tax return, self-care, tutoring and many more all at one place. ThakThak understands how daunting task it can be to search a skilled or professional resource in a busy day life. ThakThak is a one window service shopping experience of all your needs.

ThakThak team creates convenience and a pleasant experience in your emergencies and non-emergency service requirements. We believe people with right skills and tools can produce quality of work at a fraction of time which creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. Let us take care of your burden and help you out in solving your personal, family, home or office needs and you can focus on the job which require your attention and expertise. You need a service just ThakThak – knock at the door and find solutions of your worries.

The main aim of ThakThak is to provide convenience to all stakeholders. So please ThakThak and find solutions of your problems.

Our Vision

β€œTo be a leading online solution providing platform for personal, family, home and office needs.”